Renewable energy sources at your doorstep : ALPGRIDS under the spotlight !


ALPGRIDS under the spotlight on INTERREG's website

Local energy communities are at the forefront of the energy transition in Europe and in the alpine regions. Indeed, small communities in remote and rural areas of Europe can put their renewable energy sources into use and become self-sufficient with clean energy in the near future. At least that is the what the article "Renewable energy sources at your doorstep" written by the Interreg's staff highlights.

This article is part of a series on how transnational cooperation contributes to the EU Green Deal.


The ALPGRIDS project aims to create an enabling environment for the uptake of renewable energies and the creation of low-carbon energy communities in Alpine territories through the deployment of microgrids. Its objective is thus to improve the resilience of mountain territories (potentially subject to frequent power cuts) and the control of energy expenditure through local energy supply.