Take part in the video contest on your favorite wooden object!

What is it about?

There are many reasons to use and love wood: It is a unique, multifunctional material, which relaxes our senses and pleases our eyes. It even has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature, as Scandinavian scientists found out lately. Thus the use of wood promotes the health and well-being of mind and body.

Furthermore wood is an extremely sustainable building material. Already during its growth in our forests, wood makes an active contribution to climate protection as each tree stores C02. Short transport distances and a regional processing chain also contribute to the preservation of the climate. The shorter the supply chain the less emissions are created in general.

Whi is it open to?

Everyone who uses or owns wooden constructions or objects made of regional timer from sustainable managed forests, such as houses, urban furniture, wooden disigns or even children´s toys can be sure of the positive impact on the environment and oneself.

If you are one of those lucky persons you shouldn´t miss the chance to take part in our video award: Let us know the story behind your wooden home or object, no matter if it´s a construction or a beloved product like the antique coffer of your ancestors. Tell us what makes it special to you: Which forest does it come from? What´s it about to live in a wooden house or to create or use a wooden piece of art?

How to participate?

To participate you just need to take a short smartphone video (max. 3 minutes) and send it to us the latest by 30 January 2020. Afterwards we will promote it on the CaSCo youtube channel. The videos with the most clicks and likes will be winning one of our wooden gifts (see info sheet for more information).

We are happy to answer any of your questions and support you, so don´t hesitate to contact us!

Your video should be sent to Mélanie Allibert-Roussat

By participating in the award, all participants agree that their submitted videos will be promoted and published by the CaSCo project.


About CaSCo

The overall objective of the CaSCo project is to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide in the Alpine Space.CaSCo aims at:

  • development and implementation of transnational low carbon policy instruments for the procurement of significantly low carbon timber products and
  • closing loops of regional added value and capitalizing of low carbon timber products by fostering their utilisation in politics, public bodies and key actors as e.g. architects.