The first call of the 2021-2027 Interreg Europe programme is now open!


The 5 April 2022 marked the official opening of Interreg Europe 2021-2027 first call for projects. The rules of the new programme were revealed during the 8th edition of the « Europe, let’s cooperate» conference. Here are the main take-aways.

Interreg Europe

Interreg Europe is a European cooperation programme co-funded by the European Union, under the European Regional & Development Fund. It aims to reduce disparities in the levels of development, growth and quality of life among European regions, by helping local authorities deliver better policies thanks to policy learning and exchange of good practices.

2021-2027 programming in a nutshell

With a total budget of 379 million euros, the scope of the 2021-2027 programming was extended to 6 topics : smart, green, connected, social, citizens and governance. In line with the European Commission’s priorities and the concentration principle, 80% of the funding will however be channelled to projects targeting the twin transition (green and digital) and social affairs.

Eligible applicants to the calls are:

  • National, regional, or local public authorities;
  • Institutions governed by public law (e.g., regional development agencies, business support organisations, universities);
  • Private non-profit bodies.

The eligible geographical areas are EU27, Norway and Switzerland.

Unlike other European programmes, Interreg Europe is primarily dedicated to policy makers and to capacity building. It is not an investment or research programme. Nevertheless, the new programming offers the possibility to undertake pilot actions form the start of the project. These pilot actions must increase the capacity of the partners towards policy improvement. A new budget line to purchase small equipment was hence added to the financing rules in order to fund the pilot actions.

For more information on the new rules of the programme, you can find the terms of reference, the programme manual and the draft application through the following link:


Interreg Europe’s first call

On the 5 April, the first call of the new programme has been launched. Applicants must submit their projects before 31May at noon CEST.

Up to 130 million euros are available under this first call.

Among the tips given to future applicants during the launch conference, we would like to bring the following to your attention:

  • Make use of the assistance offered (refer to the programme’s manual, reach out to your national contact point)
  • Start from your challenge: a good application is one that is unique and reflects partners needs
  • Be selective when choosing partner applicants: ensure wide geographic coverage and involvepolicy responsible authorities, which must be the drivers of the project

If you are interested in submitting an application, we recommend you register to the series of webinars organised by the Joint Secretariat for leading applicants, which will take place on the 25-28 April. You can register here if interested.



AURA-EE partakes in 5 Interreg Europe projects. Discover more here: