DATA4ACTION - Collaborating in Energy Data Exchange for Sustainable Energy Planning

Support the creation of Observatories for energy and GHG in Europe

The objective of the DATA4ACTION project was to create or further develop regional observatories on energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, providing new sources of energy data for local authorities.

The project led to the creation of seven regional observatories and to the development of new data exchange collaboration models for existing observatories such as OREGES, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. DATA4ACTION shared tools for partnership management, data processing and communication, and enabled to better monitor climate plans.

160 organisations involved in data exchange

By creating these regional observatories in Europe, which became members of the Energee-Watch network, AURA-EE was able to extend its know-how on a European scale and strengthen the OREGES. More than 160 organisations in Europe, including energy suppliers and local authorities, engaged to collaborate and exchange energy data for the implementation of climate and energy approaches.

Exchanges between representatives of the European Commission, network operators, local authorities and energy agencies allowed to submit recommendations to the Committee of the Regions, in particular for the revision of the future directives on building energy performance and on energy efficiency.

[Updated: July 2019]