MELINDA - Mobility ecosystem for Low-carbon and innovative modal shift in the Alps

Health as a lever for changing mobility behaviour

The MELINDA project aims to raise citizens' awareness of mobility by using a different approach than those usually adopted, more social, notably through the impact on health, in the case of the French project.  AURA-EE, in partnership with various territories in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, mutual insurance companies and volunteers, will seek to show the benefits of active mobility (walking and cycling) on the health or, at least, on the well-being of participants.

The main objective is to show that health can be a complementary vector in France that can mobilise citizens to switch to virtuous and active modes of transport (walking and cycling). For this purpose, a mobile application will be developed to playfully advise the best active mode of travel on the itinerary of the project's volunteer participants.


A mobile application to provide users with datac buildings, providing energy renovation solutions and pooling projects

The project had several phases:

  • Development of an application to provide health data to users
  • Identification of volunteers in different areas of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in order to study the correlation between soft modes of transport and improved well-being
  • Accompanying volunteers through personalised health monitoring
  • Analysis of the results
  • Communication, dissemination of the project’s results through conferences

 [Updated: October 2020]