Efficacité énergétique et confort dans les bâtiments

Since 2006, actors from different backgrounds have come together within the EFFINERGIE association to promote a new level of energy efficiency in buildings under construction and renovation.

Thanks to its labels, EFFINERGIE has made it possible to generalise new low-energy buildings (BBC) in France and is working on the massification of BBC renovation. At the same time, it contains the national definition of positive energy buildings. In March 2017, 3 new labels based on the E+C- standard were created: BBC effinergie 2017, BEPOS (net zero energy building) effinergie 2017 and BEPOS+ effinergie 2017.

In 2019, an experimental label on the rehabilitation of heritage buildings was introduced. The guides written by the association, the work on eco-mobility, the referencing of quality training courses support the actors in the building industry. The exemplary buildings are compiled in an observatory to provide the necessary feedback for the process of generalizing energy-efficient buildings.

Thus, EFFINERGIE acts in the general interest to support the promotion of the construction and renovation of comfortable and environmentally friendly buildings.


  • Facilitate a platform for exchange and sharing with all the different stakeholders in sustainable building development to meet the objectives of the Energy Transition.
  • Lead working groups: dedicated to themes defined by members: financing, renovation, training, innovation...
  • Create and distribute educational tools to support professionals (guides, training, BBC observatory, ecomobility tool, documentary database...)
  • Develop "EFFINERGIE" labels: Development of standards related to the energy performance of buildings by a technical commission composed of experts, in consultation with the national authorities.
  • Ensure technical and regulatory monitoring in a constantly changing context, as well as a relay mission to national authorities in order to ensure coordination and support for local authorities' initiatives.


Strenghthen our status as a regional and national reference player in France for:

  • the massification of the renovation with a BBC target of 2050 for the entire fleet
  • our members in understanding and deploying the Energy Transition
  • local dynamics
  • the actors towards the building and the positive energy districts
  • participating in the development of digital technology in the building industry
  • enriching feeddbacks from experiences

Effinergie aims at contributing to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a quality of life in high-performance buildings.


Source: Effinergie