e-SMART - e-Mobility SMART Grid for Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transports in the Alpine Space

Developing electric mobility and smart grids for public transport, last mile freight and mobility services

e-SMART aims to define a set of operational tools for planning and deploying electric recharging infrastructures for public passenger transport, logistics vehicles (last mile) and mobility services, with a "smart grid" approach.
More specifically, the project objectives are the following

  • Improve cooperation between public and private stakeholders
  • Share a common deployment strategy
  • Provide territories with tools for the management of services and infrastructures

The project includes a consultation phase with regional stakeholders, in order to identify the needs and build a shared vision around electric mobility and smart-grids. Moreover, it is also intended to explore the possibilities of linking electric mobility and renewable production, particularly photovoltaic production.

Key figures

  • Road transport accounts for 21% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe
  • In France, it represents  95% of emissions from the transport sector and 30% of the total GHG emissions.


The 15 European partners of e-SMART: