The Inter-professional Committee for Wood Energy

The Comité Interprofessionnel du Bois-Energie (CIBE, or Interprofessional Wood-Energy Committee), a non-profit group set up in 2006, brings together players involved in collective and industrial heating systems based on wood and other ligno-cellulose biomasses, including combined heat and power production, in homes, the service sector, heating networks and manufacturing companies.


The CIBE brings together and coordinates the ideas of (often small scale) players from throughout France in order to professionalize practices “from nursery to ash”, lay down the rules of the art, train professionals and promote average and high-power boilers (including cogeneration) among public-and private-sector decision-makers.


As a professional platform of exchanges in which all professionals of the wood energy sector are represented, CIBE is used to coordinate all the wood energy professionals. In addition, CIBE works on the implementation of inter-regional platforms and has an observatory of tertiary collective boilers / dedicated or district heating, industrial boilers. It is also a member of the CSF (Strategic Committee of wood industry) that works on tensions between supply and demand. Furthermore, CIBE works upstream on feedbacks on the different ways of mobilizing (additional) resources used in France and downstream on rates, investment and operating costs by technology, based on land back. On the basis of documented technical-economic requests, the CIBE steps in nationally with institutions, trade groups, the media, etc. and regionally exclusively in support and at the request of organizations and players on the ground.


Source: CIBE