Fibois Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Fibois AuRA is an association under the 1901 law organised in colleges in order to welcome all professional families and companies gathered within territorial interprofessions for Rhône-Alpes and informal territorial committees in Auvergne.


Fibois is responsible for defining forest and timber policy in the region, coordinating everyone's action and liaising with the national level. It federates the inter-professional organisations in Rhône-Alpes. It builds on the work of two main commissions, the "Forest and Wood Mobilization" commission and the "Construction, Energy and Wood Industry" commission. They will have two resource centres at their disposal to work on, one on innovation and the other on business development (organisation, training, etc.). Fibois AuRA federates the 6 inter-professional organisations on Rhône-Alpes. It leads, through its annex located in Lempdes, the Auvergne territory with 4 territorial committees. Fibois AuRA adheres to France Bois Régions, which represents us at France Bois Forêt and at the Ministry.

Fibois AuRA's budget for 2018 is €1.5 million, of which 80% is public funding and 20% is shared by the sector's stakeholders.


Source: Fibois AuRA