Réseau des Agences Régionales de l'Énergie et de l'Environnement

The Network of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies (RARE) brings together agencies and structures that act on missions of general interest in the field of sustainable development, at the regional level in France and in its overseas regions and territories. In this sense, it constitutes a gateway on energy and environmental issues between players in the sector throughout France.

Four objectives

Since 1996, the RARE has been supporting regional energy and environment agencies to enhance their know-how and promote exchanges of experience on supporting territories in their sustainable development policies. The RARE has four objectives:

  • To be an interface on issues relating to sustainable development policies between regional agencies and institutional actors at national level (Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, ADEME, Regions of France...),
  • Enhance the richness of all the agencies' expertise through joint awareness-raising, coordination, evaluation and observation activities,
  • To be a space for the exchange of experience, knowledge and know-how for regional agencies,
  • Develop shared tools and harmonize methodological approaches between agencies.


The functioning of the RARE is collaborative, based on the participation of its members. Beyond the traditional associative governance (steering committee, sounding board, etc.), RARE operates through thematic working groups. The active working groups are as follows:

  • Climate Energy Observation
  • Waste Observation
  • Biodiversity
  • Transition management
  • Communication (exchange between the communicators of our structures)

Other working groups are occasionally activated as required (e. g. Circular Economy, Climate, European Projects, etc.).

A Committee of Directors meets once a month to discuss developments in the sector, the range of actors, and proposals to be made to national institutional actors in order to defend the role and legitimacy of agencies / observatories.


Source: RARE