AURA-EE joins the Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies (NEREUS)


AURA-EE recently joined NEREUS, the network of European Regions using space technologies in the intention of further developing its climate and energy services thanks to spatial data.

AURA-EE has been increasingly interested in space-based applications, products, and services as they have a great potential in providing detailed, accurate and recent data, even for the smaller and isolated municipalities, where analyses are missing.

By joining NEREUS, AURA-EE will be able to scale up its use of space technologies by following trends, learning new ways to use spatial data, participating in projects, and being connected to what happens around satellites image in similar contexts.

To learn more about NEREUS and the reasons why AURA-EE joined the network and how it will use space technologies, read the interview to Matthieu Denoux, AURA-EE Head of digital services.