REMARKABLE Climate Leaders - Training day and field trips for French climate leadership


On 16th of October, the REMARKABLE climate leaders supported by AURA-EE in France were invited into a 2-part day dedicated to energy transition.

Tools for energy transition

On the morning, a specific workshop gave them the possibility to equip themselves with relevant tools that can help building their own climate neutrality roadmap and pathways. From feedback sheets of other local authorities to thematic newsletters, they (re)discovered how the website “resource centre for territories in transition” managed by AURA-EE could increase both their visibility but also keep them informed of what is going on in their area.

As the day went by, a demonstration of TerriSTORY®, the AURA-EE developed tool for steering the ecological transition in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, was displayed to French climate leaders. TerriSTORY® is a powerful instrument helping authorities to track three of their important core function: territorial diagnosis, strategy and forecasting. Using TerriSTORY® indicators, AURA-EE created an overview of local authorities’ renewable resources mix and their current consumption state.

At 2 pm, this was time for journeying! In the framework of the 3rd meeting of Ad’M EnR Citoyenne (national energies communities meeting), climate leaders had the opportunity to participate to thematic field trips of their choice: solar panel or heating network.

Concrete cases of implementation on-site

Xénia Vall, climate leader and representative of Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte made the choice to visit the ForestEner’ boiler plant. This building has been set up by Énergie Partagée, Enercoop Rhône-Alpes and two wood-energy specialists. It allows to power up various places of the town of Estrablin such as the public sports centre, the townhall of Estrablin, and the primary school for example. The visit focused on the adaptation of the legal arrangement of that boiler plant in Estrablin. Nicolas Picou, AURA-EE project manager on thermal renewable energy presented the ins and outs of building such as heat network and the importance to weigh the specific context of each territory willing to put in place these energy systems.

The solar panel visit brought climate leaders through various stops. First, the chairman of Lycée Saint-Marc, a French catholic high school, equipped with 248 solar panels by Nid d’Énergie, a village power station, represented by its supply relation manager, explained the origins of the project and how it was designed. With this installation, the public school is driven by an energy transition objective and the willingness to reduce their energy bill. On top of that, it allows to pupils, working on industrial application of sustainable development technologies, to have a practical case to test on. Next step guided them in a riding school equipped with 600m² of solar panels on top of its roof. The investment spent is being refunded with the selling of energy and at the end, the objective is to power up inhabitant near the riding school. Finally, a similar installation was visited in an inhabitant house of St Roch d’Albenc.

A roundtable was given by Catherine Premat, AURA-EE project manager and Naomi Levannier, AURA-EE project officer dedicated to citizen dynamics around energy communities. With lessons learned from the city of Lyon, the metropolitan area of Lyon, Coopawatt and Un deux toits soleil, some conclusions can be drawn. There is a wish to be a model as a local authority and to be a driving force for the stakeholders of the territory and that energy transition will be reached through the solidarity between both rural and urban places.

Climate leaders definitely showed an interest in such events to help them laying the foundation of a new range of actions in their respective area and are determined to use TerriSTORY® tool as a way of asserting their leadership position.