Renewables also for vulnerable households: Focus on a pilot action in Lyon


In collaboration with its partners - the climate and energy agency of Lyon Métropole and the collective of citizens Roofs in transition - and within the framework of the European project POWERTY (financed by Interreg Europe), AURA-EE has imagined a contractual and economic model to enable low-income households to equip their homes with renewable energy through citizen investment.

The concept is currently being tested on a building held in co-ownership, of about 100 low-income residents in the 9th district of Lyon.

The condominium is considering replacing its gas boiler with geothermal energy. With the help of national funds, the necessary investments would be profitable after 7 years. But for the owners, the remaining costs would still be too high to pay for the studies, the investment and the energy costs.

The idea is that the association Roofs in transition offers to finance the studies and the installation of the geothermal heat pump in exchange for a "rent" fixed according to the expected energy savings, for 10 to 12 years.

The proposed technical solution is currently subject to feasibility studies. If these are positive, this solution will be presented to the next general meeting of the condominium in January 2023, with a partnership proposal with Roofs in transition.  If the solution is not adopted, AURA-EE and its partners will identify other buildings for their experimentation (social building owners, nursing homes, etc.).



Developing the use of renewable energies among vulnerable populations is the main objective of the POWERTY project. Read more