POWERTY - Renewable Energies for Vulnerable groups

Develop the use of renewable energies among vulnerable populations

The objective of the POWERTY project is to increase the use of renewable energies in vulnerable groups.

Part of the European population does not have access to renewable energy due to socioeconomic constraints, in particular the groups affected by energy poverty. However, the transition to a low-carbon economy will only be possible if all categories of the population can access renewable energies.

The objective of the project is to develop new renewable energy installations which will allow to provide clean energy to vulnerable groups.

Technical and social innovations

Companies supplying renewable energy will be encouraged to offer adapted technological solutions, thereby strengthening their social responsibility.

Taking into account the social characteristics of these households, social innovation measures will be encouraged, based on increased participation and empowerment on the part of the citizens concerned.

For this purpose, the actions of the project will be the following:

  • Identify the renewable energy technologies, tools and methods that are the most suited to vulnerable populations, by addressing issues as self-consumption and district heating and cooling. The priority will be to treat residential housing, but also the stock of social buildings (schools, social centres, food distribution, etc.).
  • Identify appropriate funding schemes (public and private) for the target groups.
  • Overcome regulatory barriers to the development of renewable energy for vulnerable households.
  • Define social innovation strategies and provide local authorities with tools allowing to encourage citizens’ participation at the local level.

A methodology will be defined in order to describe the notion of energy poverty in the partner regions of the project and it will be adapted to the social and cultural reality of each region.

 [Updated: July 2019]