Swiss cantons are next to lead EUSALP presidency


During EUSALP annual Forum, which took place in Trento on 22-25 November 2022, Italy handover EUSALP Presidency to the Swiss cantons.


EUSALP is the European macro-regional strategy for the Alps. It gathers representatives from 48 alpine regions, across 7 States, to address common challenges linked to the geographical specificities of the Alps.

Since 2021, the overall political orientation of EUSALP is defined by a rotating presidency, to ensure a balanced distribution among the participating States and regions. After France and Italy, it is the Swiss cantons that will take over EUSALP Presidency in 2023. The handover ceremony took place during the Annul Forum in Trento on 24 Novembre 2022.


EUSALP annual forum is an important moment to share and celebrate achievements of the year, marking the end of a presidency.

Italian Presidency

Three main priorities were tackled by the Italian presidency: responding to the energy crisis, mitigating the effects of climate change and involving youth. In that respect, some of the main outcomes of this productive year have been :

More outcomes and activities carried out in 2022 can be found here.

Swiss Presidency

The Confederation of Swiss Cantons will take over the 2023 Presidency of EUSALP, with 3 burning issues at the top of the agenda: Circular Economy, “Water 2022-2050” & Transport/Mobility. Each of these issues will be at the heart of a major conference, so save the date(s)!

  • 30 - 31 March 2023, Fribourg; conference on Circular Economy
  • 15 - 16 June 2023, Grison; conference on “Water 2022 - 2050”
  • 31 August – 1 September 2023, Ticino; conference on Transport/Mobility

The 2023 Annual Forum date is also already known, it will take place Bad Ragaz (SG), 18 - 19 October 2023.

Success factors for energy transition featured

As co-leaders of EUSALP Action Group 9, focusing on energy issues, AURA-EE attended and spoke at EUSALP 2022 Annual Forum, presenting the outcomes of a productive year for Action Groups (AG) working on energy transition. The importance of joining efforts among AG to achieve greater results, as for example energy and mobility issues was stressed.

AURA-EE also had the opportunity to pitch recently awarded Interreg Alpine Space projects, which will contribute to a green transition of the Alps.

Green Infrastructure goes Business award

Last but not least, the Annual forum also marked the official launch of theGI goes business award2023.

This award calls for innovative products, services and business models with a positive impact on Green Infrastructure in the Alps: ecological restoration & climate protection ; natural cooling systems ; nature-based tourism & products ; new services for awareness-raising and climate resilience planning.

The main target of this award are enterprises, whether they are start-ups or long-established, but institutions, associations and private persons are also welcomed to apply. The only precondition is to be located in the EUSALP perimeter.

6 winners will be selected and will benefit from individual, tailored business coaching sessions, as well as the opportunity to present their ideas to an international audience at a public event in Bavaria in May 2023.