CO&GO - Carpooling and governance

Good carpooling practices

The CO&GO project aims to promote carpooling in Europe, to make it more accessible to all and to complement or supplement public transport.

The different phases of the project consist in making a state of play, identifying good practices and organising their dissemination:

  • Analysis of good practices at different territorial scales, with particular attention to user engagement
  • Survey on the habits and availability of the target audience to use carpooling and on the possibilities to improve the offer
  • Experimentation of participatory projects and animation within voluntary territories, proposing innovative ways of involving users: providing support for Chambéry Métropole Cœur des Bauges
  • Exchanges of experiences and methodologies on carpooling between Italy and France
  • Communication campaigns and promotion of carpooling

Dissemination of good practices

To disseminate the good practices identified, the project was based on an event of national importance (“Assises du covoiturage”, co-organised by Grand Lyon and AURA-EE on 9 November 2018) and the organisation of meetings between professionals.

A list of remarkable experiences and existing mobile applications (more than 150 references) in France has also been compiled and is available online.

[Updated: July 2019]