CERVINO - Creating an energy data exchange and visualization tool for the alps

CERVINO aims at facilitating energy data exchange in the Alpine space in order to optimise decision-making processes, thanks to a data collection, managment, update and exploitation tool.


For the European Union to become a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, decision-makers need reliable energy data to define, implement, and monitor the effectiveness of energy policies. CERVINO facilitates the exchange and visualisation of energy data within the Alpine territory. It sets up a stable and reliable system that enables a better collection, management, update and use of Alpine energy data. The project improves the Energy Survey conducted in 2017 and 2019 in the framework of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) developing a simple, user-friendly energy data management tool. Data entry and processing of the management tool will be facilitated and a roadmap will ensure regular surveys on energy data. The Energy Survey will support decision-making processes on energy matters across the Alps.

A tool that will rely on Terristory open source code

Within the CERVINO project, AURA-EE is responsible for the development of the data management and visualisation interface. This tool will be developed thanks to the open source computer code of the TerriSTORY® interface, a partnership tool designed by AURA-EE, already used in 6 French regions. If TerriSTORY® allows to visualise energy, climate, mobility, waste data, the version developed in CERVINO will be a simplified version allowing to draw up the energy profile of the Alpine regions, as well as that of EUSALP as a whole.

[Last update - February 2023]