ClimaSTORY - a pedagogical support for collective reflection on climate change adaptation

ClimaSTORY at a glance

ClimaSTORY is a pedagogical support for collective reflection that was created by AURA-EE in 2019 and has been enriched thanks to the contributions of many partners. Designed for use by all types of territorial actors, ClimaSTORYTM proposes to consider a fictitious territory from the perspective of climate change and adaptation solutions for 5 themes of economic activities:

  • Agriculture and forestry ;
  • Industry;
  • Tourism, trade and crafts;
  • Safety and health ;
  • Planning, management of resources and biodiversity.

Put into situation, the participants choose together the most relevant solutions with regard to the specificities of this territory.

Who is ClimaSTORY for?

ClimaSTORY is an ideal medium for raising awareness of climate change adaptation among people with little or no knowledge on the subject, such as newly elected officials, for example. It is also an excellent means of initiating interdepartmental work in project mode. Finally, it offers an opportunity for an informed team to decentralise and to view its activity from a new angle.

What are the main principles?

Divided into tables of 10, the participants work in thematic pairs around a large format map of a fictitious territory, with the help of facilitators. Resource persons can be can be associated to complete the animation. Guided by a facilitation protocol, the participants are led to:

  •  Appreciate the chain impacts of climate change
  •  Expressing tensions or cooperation between themes
  •  Identify adaptation solutions
  •  Define an intervention plan for the community.

Participants learn from each other. The sequences can be enriched with discussions and/or presentations.