FELeaks - Better quantify fugitive biogas emissions in anaerobic digestion

FELeaks, a project selected by ADEME as part of the GRAINE call for projects, aims to quickly and reliably analyze the potential fugitive emissions from anaerobic digestion units, in order to allow easier diagnosis of methanisation sites.

A method deployed on fifteen sites

Anaerobic digestion units can generate biogas leaks. Although generally low, they represent both a safety issue for workers and operators, an economic issue with loss of turnover, and a strong environmental issue in terms of contribution to climate change. However, little data is available either in France or in Europe.


The TrackyLeaks project, led by Irstea between 2014 and 2017, made it possible to develop an innovative method for quantifying fugitive biogas emissions.

Based on an analysis of anaerobic digestion facilities in France, a field campaign will be conducted to deploy the method on 15 typical anaerobic digestion sites in France. This phase of the project will mobilize all of the project partners: AURA-EE and AILE for the choice of site representativeness, CH4Process and Irstea for measurements and quantification.


[Updated: June 2020]