Centrales Villageoises are local companies with citizen governance that operate within a non-governmental organization. They carry out projects in favor of energy transition by bringing together citizens, communities and local businesses. Through their work, they contribute to reach local energy objectives by taking into account cross-cutting territorial issues (local economic development, landscape integration, social ties, etc.).

Centrales Villageoises work in a network that shares a common model involving general guidelines, legal frameworks and other types of tools and services. This model is now implemented in several French regions.

The NGO has several objectives, as listed below:

  • to raise awareness of the specific approach carried out by Centrales Villageoises and, in particular, its integrated territorial approach, its citizen governance and its bottom-up nature
  • to continue pooling actions (development of tools and shared services) at the service of local companies, to continue to capitalize on feedback and to disseminate it thanks to a solidarity operation between Centrales Villageoises
  • to reinforce the professionalization of projects, by maintaining a quality requirement in the achievements and also by aiming at the creation of local jobs
  • to continue innovative experiments, the development of new legal and financial models, as well as the diversification of renewable energy and energy management projects.