AMETHyST: 1st local stakeholder group meeting in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes pilot area


In the heart of the Tarentaise Valley, in the town of Moûtiers, AURA-EE and Tenerrdis (competitiveness cluster for energy transition in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) joined forces on May 30th to set up a steering committee of representatives from local authorities of Tarentaise-Vanoise and Arlysere.



These local authorities, acting as local pilots for the project, will benefit from AMETHyST’s support in identifying the potential for hydrogen development and conducting local H2 initiatives.

A round-table discussion brought together stakeholders who shared their needs, barries and possible solutions regarding the implementation of H2 projects.

Key takeaways from the roundtable discussion were as follows:

  • The pilot areas hold significant importance as they have already witnessed the emergence of projects and discussions concerning hydrogen and the pressing need to decarbonize the industry and tourism sectors.
  • There is a need to explore the synergies between renewable energy potential and hydrogen.
  • AMETHyST presents an opportunity to identify and connect hydrogen producers and users in the area, thereby facilitating the growth of the H2 ecosystem.

The next meeting of the steering committee is scheduled for autumn 2023, and private stakeholders will be invited to participate.


About AMETHYST project

AMETHyST aims to support the deployment of local Alpine green hydrogen ecosystems to pave the way for a post-carbon lifestyle in the Alps. Read more