Conference : Renewable energies also for vulnerable households - July 7, 2022 (Valence, France)


Take-aways from POWERTY's regional conference (June 7, 2022 - Valence, France)

Renewable energies also for vulnerable households

AURA-EE, in conjunction with citizen energy communities and local associations for the energy transition, invented a contractual and economic model to enable low-income households to equip their homes with renewable energy through citizen investment. This model is based on support and feasibility studies carried out by a local energy and housing agency, and the administrative and financial management of the renewable energy installation by an energy community on behalf of the household. This conference was an opportunity to present and discuss this model.

On the agenda:

  • Benchmark of good practices - Noémie Zambeaux, AURA-EE
  • Pilot action: new model - Pierre Magdinier, Toits en Transition; Jacques Régnier, Centrales Villageoises Portes du Vercors
  • Legal study - Noémie Zambeaux, AURA-EE
  • Household support - Benjamin Bichot, Soliha Drôme; Noémie Zambeaux, for ALEC Lyon
  • Sun4All project - Olivier Levasseur, Communauté de communes Coeur de Savoie
  • Action plan and conclusion - Catherine Premat, AURA-EE