AlpGov 2 - Enhancing the Governance Mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region

Improving the governance of EUSALP

The AlpGov 2 project aims at improving the governance mechanisms of the European Union Strategy  for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).
The EUSALP implementation started three years ago, with the launch of nine thematic Action Groups. The governance of the strategy now needs to be strengthened in order to progress towards a strategic vision. So far, the work done in the Action Groups has focused on developing and sharing expertise.
In the continuity of AlpGov 1, this new project will promote cross-sectoral implementation according to the strategic priorities to be defined by the EUSALP Board and the annual presidencies. This reorientation towards a more strategic approach corresponds to the implementation of the next EU funding programmes (2012-2027).
The Action Groups are the operational units of EUSALP. By involving stakeholders, they strengthen ownership of the strategy at all levels of government (from national to regional) as well as within civil society.
The process of strengthening EUSALP's governance concerns the definition of strategic actions and projects to be adopted by each Action Group (aligned with the political priorities of stakeholders), as well as improving the interaction between these groups, the Board of Directors, the annual presidencies and the stakeholders.

The 4 AlpGov 2 action lines

For the 15 project partners, the objectives are the following :

  • Create a learning environment that will empower the Action Groups and the Board of Directors to implement policy goals;
  • Define cross-sectoral priorities that will be included in regional policies and reflected in policy recommendations, in order to adopt a macro-regional approach to regional development;
  • Implement strategic initiatives to boost EUSALP through the involvement of local communities and stakeholders;
  • Foster the dialogue with other macro-regions (Baltic, Danube, Adriatic) to facilitate knowledge transfer and dissemination of results through extensive communication.

The 15 European partners of AlpGov2:


For several years now, Europe has been defining macro-regional strategies, including the European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). EUSALP is a common framework for all the actors and policies concerned in this geographical area with particular challenges.
The Alps extend over France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The climate and mountain reliefs of 48 regions have an important impact on the socio-economic situation and on all sectors (transport, tourism, agriculture, urban development etc.) The challenges faced by the Alpine region go beyond its politico-administrative borders. Therefore, EUSALP brings together all existing cooperation in a single framework, according to the shared interests of the parties.
The 48 regions concerned have divided the work into 9 Action Groups. The Energy group is co-piloted by the Agency for Energy South Tyrol, CasaClima, and AURA-EE at the request of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.


[Update: May 2020]