PLASTECO - Supporting EU regions to curb plastics waste and littering

Advancing public policies, investment and innovation for better regional management of plastic waste

The PLASTECO project aims to advance public policies on the subject of plastic waste management and promote the measures and investments that are needed to stimulate regional growth, job creation and innovation in this field. More specifically, this involves several actions:

  • Work on the economic model and quality of the plastic waste recycling sector: waste management plans, public procurement, financial instruments, extended producer responsibility, deposit system, etc;
  • Reduce plastic waste production and the generated pollution: regional plans against aquatic waste, collection of plastic waste from nature, fines, raising awareness, eradication of non-compliant landfills, recycling of agricultural plastics;
  • Encourage investment and innovation within a circular economy approach: incorporation of recycled plastics, increase in landfill and incineration costs, subsidies.


Benefits of the PLASTECO project for the territories

  • Gather information on plastic waste management initiatives.
  • Get an overview of the most effective measures in Europe for local deployment.
  • Identify the main local issues and relevant solutions to build regional and local action plans.

How to follow us?

Regional technical committees are organised every six months in every european region. They bring together the stakeholders  involved in the production and management of plastic waste, as well as public authorities responsible for regional policies. These comittees are an opportunity for local stakeholders to get informed of project's progress, exchange their views and experiences and participate in the development of regional action plans.

Newsletters are sent twice a year and include project's news and achievements.

To participate to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes technical committees or receive PLASTECO's newsletters, please contact us.


 [Updated: August 2022]